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Gabriele Boiselle Calendars

Gabriele Boiselle Calendars
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General Information

Gabriele Boiselle Horse Calendars

The Boiselle edition horse calendars feature equestrian activities, driving, dressage, 3 day eventing, jumping, and unique breed photos from many different countries. These Boiselle calendars are not just something to keep track of dates they are photographic art!

Gabriele Boiselle is one of the most successful photographers in the world. Over 20 years ago Gabriele visited the Egyptian State Stud Al Zahraa and was struck by the beauty of the Arabian horse. She has been fascinated by the aesthetics and beauty of purebred Arabian horses ever since. As she comes from a horse breeding family, her love of horses is quite simply innate. She perceives the special qualities in every horse and is able to capture these with her camera. She can, however, do more than simply document the horse's external beauty; she is able to use her great sensitivity to portray the animal's personality also.

Among the Gabriele Boiselle favorites see the ever popular Friesian Large Horse Calendar , American Style Draft Horse Calendar and Arabian Horse Calendar.

Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
Gabriele Boiselle Donkey Calendar 10/31/2014
Calendar, Gabriele Boiselle Fantastico Horses 10/31/2014
Gabriele Boiselle Magical Giants Calendar 10/31/2014
Calendar Gabriele Boiselle Wide World of Horses 10/31/2014
Calendar, Gabriele Boiselle Marbach Horse 500th Anniversary Ed 10/31/2014
Calendar Gabriele Boiselle Arabian Horse 10/31/2014
Calendar Gabriele Boiselle Passion 10/31/2014
Art Calendar Baroque Horses of Elise Genest 10/31/2014
Calendar, Gabriele Boiselle Iberian Horses 10/31/2014
Calendars, Gabriele Boiselle Wild Life 10/31/2014
Calendar, Gabriele Boiselle Haflingers Horses 10/31/2014
Gabriele Boiselle Practical Agenda Book Horse Calendar 10/31/2014
Gabriele Boiselle Dressage Calendar 10/31/2014
Calendar, Gabriele Boiselle Fascination 10/31/2014
Calendar Gabriele Boiselle Friesian Horse 10/31/2014
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