10 Reasons You Should Ask Your Horse To Be Your Valentine

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By Shannon Fox

Whether or not you have a human valentine, at Horse Tack Co. we believe that there’s no better valentine than a horse.  So we have listed 10 reasons why you should ask your horse to “Be My Valentine.”

1) Horses Are Cheap Valentines

No, really! For Valentine’s Day all your horse wants is an apple, a carrot or two and maybe a new brush. Your horse doesn’t need a sappy card, expensive jewelry and fancy chocolates to feel your love.

2)Your Horse is Easy to Shop For

If you really want to get him a Valentine’s Day gift, your horse will love whatever you choose. Horse Tack Co. has plenty of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your horse like grooming supplies, saddle pads, stable supplies, and of course, cookies!

3)Your Horse Won’t Make You Take Him Out to Dinner

If there’s anything most people hate about V-Day, it’s the ordeal of going out to dinner for an overpriced meal in a over-crowded restaurant.  Your horse is just fine eating his regular dinner in the barn…but won’t you please throw in a treat or three!

4)Your Horse Is a Great Dancer

Ok so maybe you have two left feet, but luckily your horse has four good ones! All you need to dance with your horse is four feet, two hearts and a saddle or bareback pad, music optional.

5)Your Horse Can’t Read

Those “I Love My Horse” socks are really cute and your horse will definitely agree that you look great in them even if he can’t read what they say. But there’s no need to spend hours picking out a card or agonizing over the perfect way to express your love with a list of “10 Reasons I Love You.” A kiss on the nose says more than words ever could.

6)You Can Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Without Looking Like a Crazy Person

Proclaim your love of horses, or your horse in particular, by wearing a horse bit or horsehair bracelet or even an “I Love Horses” t-shirt. If you were to wear a bracelet made from your boyfriend’s hair or a t-shirt with his name on it, it might get you some weird stares.

7)Your Horse Will Never Cheat on You

When a horse falls in love, he falls in love forever. Even if time separates you from your beloved, once reunited it’s like no time has passed at all. He may make eyes at that mare in the next pasture, but you know his heart belongs to you and you alone.

8)Loving a Horse is Just Easier

A horse is as uncomplicated as they come. He’s upfront about everything, never tries to deceive you and doesn’t make apologies for who he is. His life goals include pleasing you, eating that tasty bit of grass and finding ways to do the least amount of work possible. He may not have big dreams, but he does have a big heart.

9) A Horse’s Love is Unconditional

One of the most wonderful things about horses is that their love doesn’t come with strings attached. Your horse doesn’t care one whit about what you look like or how much money you make. Your hose loves you just the way you are.

10) A Horse’s Love is a Love Unlike Any Other

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to be loved by a horse, you know this fact is true. Why else would we get soaked running out to the barn to make sure they’re staying dry? Why else would we trudge through the snow to make sure they’re warm enough? Why else would we spend every last penny we have to make sure they’re healthy and cared for? Because being loved by a horse is an immeasurable gift, that’s why!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Horse Tack Co. We hope you make time to spend it with that special valentine in your life—your horse!


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