Martingales, Standing Martingales, Running Martingales.

Horse tack company carries standing martingales, running martingales and training martingales in many styles all made of fine leather. Whatever your riding discipline, outfit your horse with top quality English horse tack and horse riding equipment from Horse Tack Co!

There are two basic types of martingales, the Standing Martingales and the Running Martingales.

Standing martingales are a passive aid, meaning that the martingale does all the work. The rider has no influence on this piece of tack. It consists of a strap that is attached to the nose band and the girth. Another strap is around the neck to hold the martingale in place. Standing martingales are common in the hunter ring and are legal for use over fences, but are not acceptable on the flat. Standing martingales are used to keep a horse from raising its head too high.

Running martingales help riders to control strong horses. This martingale directs the pull of the rein down wards and adds leverage to the rider's bit by forcing the horse to drop his head.

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