Anti Monkey Butt Powder at Horse Tack Company

The Sweat Absorber and Friction Fighter

Ideal for activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding and any extreme sport. May also be applied inside footwear, under sports pads and other areas prone to chafing. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit all day, don't let your buns get red, use Anti Monkey Butt Powder instead.

For the Ladies Monkey Butt now anti friction powder formulated with patented satiny smooth powder to minimize the frictional discomfort that women often experience when using exercise equipment, running, driving, cycling or just walking. Its unique ingredients work quickly to absorb sweat.
Comes in a 6 ounce shaker container.

Choose: Regular (yellow) or Lady (pink)

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Brand Name: Anti Monkey Butt Powder
  • Manufactured by: Clarion Brands LLC
  • Product ID: 11836

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