Black Gold Kids Book

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Black Gold
Marguerite Henry

No one thinks much of Black gold because he is so small. But Jaydee sees something special in his eyes, he know Black Gold would be great if he were his rider! Finally Jaydee get his wish, and Black Gold grows strong and fast under his careful hands. Soon it will be time for the important race in America. Do they really have what it takes to win? Black Gold is a true story of a legendary Thoroughbred and his determined you jockey. Black Gold's story proves that the power of love and dedication can make any dream come true.
Ages: 8-12
Paperback book size: 5 1/4" W X 6 1/8"H
173 Pages

  • Brand Name: Aladdin Paperback
  • Manufactured by: Simon & Schuster
  • Product ID: 13753
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