Breyer Horses

Christmas Breyer Horses and Breyer Collectible Toys, Horse Tack, Horse Barns and Accessories.

Horse Tack Company maintains a huge inventory of Breyer model horses and offers you expert advise and fast shipping. Breyer collectible model horses are fun for kids of all ages, and should never be thought of as just toys, they can have a great collectors value. Some discontinued Breyer models are highly sought after by collectors.

The history of Breyer horses is very interesting and a number of books have been printed describing the trail that Breyer rode. You will also find many books describing each Breyer model horse, the year of manufacture and the value. These books are a good place to start if you wish to find out the value of your Breyer collection.

There are many ways to collect Breyer model horses. Some collect horses by breed others limited additions others by color and some just pick their favorites. Whatever method you choose Horse Tack Co. is sure to have what you need at a price you will like.

If you are a collector and are looking for something special, our on staff Breyer collectible horse expert will answer your question or help pick out just the right Breyer horse. We have a huge inventory of all Breyer horse categories including all the accessories. Buy your Breyer collectible Horses with the confidence of a true collector.

Traditional: 1:9 scale (adult models are approximately 11″ long × 9″ high) and is the most popular scale.
Classic: 1:12 scale (adult models are approximately 9″ long × 6″ high)
Ponies/Pony Gals: 1:12 scale (adult models are approximately 9″ long × 6″ high) and are aimed at the youth market.
Paddock Pal/Little Bits: 1:24 scale (about 6″ long x 5″ high) - Now retired, but some products are found in craft kits.
Stablemates: 1:32 scale (adults are about 4″ long × 3″ high)
Mini Whinnies: 1:64 scale (adults are about 2″ long x 1″ high)