Centered Riding 2 Further Exploration

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Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration

The long awaited sequel to the international best seller Centered Riding the book that revolutionized horseback riding. 153 color photos, 93 line drawings.

Centered Riding is not a style of riding as are hunter seat and Western. Rather, it is a way of reeducating a riders mind and body to achieve greater balance in order to better communicate with the horse. Founder Sally Swift revolutionized riding by showing that good use of the human body makes a world of difference on horseback. Early in her work, she established what she calls the Four Basics centering, breathing, soft eyes, and building blocks which, together with grounding, are the main tenets of her method. When a rider learns and maintains these basics, then harmony between horse and human is possible. Why a second book? Centered Riding has continued to evolve, and Swift has developed many new concepts, complete with fresh imagery, which make her approach both rider friendly and fun. Chapters include The Following Seat; The Horse is Your Mirror; Discover Shared Energy; Hands That Help, Not Hinder; and Centered Jumping. Sally Swift lives in Brattleboro, Vermont. Her ground breaking work, Centered Riding, translated into nine languages, has sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide. 272 pages

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