Children's Suede Half Chaps

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Children's Suede Half Chaps

These chaps are made of the highest quality suede, selected for softness and durability. Each chap comes with four hook and loop straps for closing the chap, plus an additional strip of hook and loop which closes the top. A wear patch of the same suede covers the inside of the calf to prevent rubbing as well as extending the life of the chap. A must have for any child needing added leg protection.

Choose: Black or Brown
Sizes: Small (12 1/2 L x 10 1/2 W), Medium (13 1/2 L x 11 1/2 W)
Large (14 L x 13 W), Large Wide (14 L x 14 W)

Please Note
We are sold out of the following sizes:

Brown: Large
Black: Large Wide

  • Brand Name: Intrepid International
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 11976
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