English Bridles at Horse Tack Co

Snaffle Bridle are the most used English bridle ther are used in every dicipline of riding.  Snaffle variations are used foo r Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Polo and so on. 

Because True English bridles are quite fine, they need to be made of high quality leather and sewn with care. Very few English bridles are made in America due to the amount of skill and labor required to produce them. Horse Tack Co. chooses the best bridlery available from around the world to allow our customers to choose just the right bridle for their activity. Bridles from Arc de Triomphe, Crosby, Exselle, and Collegiate are just some of what we have to offer at our very reasonable prices.

A bridle is composed of all the parts that are used to control a horse during any riding event. This includes the headstall, the reins, the bit and a curb strap or chain. The bridle interacts with any bit, and this is why you hear the term Bridling. The bridle can put pressure on the poll, jaw, lips, tongue, bars and sometimes the pallet through the tension of the reins. Shop Horse Tack Co for price, quality and service.