English Trail Riding Stirrup Irons Great Foot Support

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English Trail Riding Irons, more foot support and less pain on long rides.

Fantastic Product - Great for Trail Riding
Kedron Comfort Irons

What a great idea. A stirrup actually made for the trail rider who uses an English saddle. What makes them different is the foot rest area is much larger than a traditional stirrup. By giving the rider a larger bearing surface this stirrup can reduce fatigue and increase security! The stirrup iron is also offset so that heels stay down better and easier.
Comes with standard rubber stirrup pads and a set of sandpaper pads for good grip in wet conditions. Sold as a pair.

Size: 4 5/8 foot bed

  • Brand Name: Coronet
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 934

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Having always ridden Western, I found it hard to keep my feet in the Irons while riding English. These really made a difference for me! I am a lot...

Kandy Greathouse

If you trail ride English style. You have to try these. They are so much more comfortable than regular English stirrups. My foot no longer cramps so...

Jennie H.