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ASTM, SEI approved Equestrian Helmets from International Riding Helmets, Charles Owen and Troxel Helmets. At Horse Tack Company we want both you and your favorite horse to be SAFE! We have a large selection of equestrian riding helmets, riders' safety vests and riders body protectors. We carry professional grade riding helmets for showing, schooling, eventing and trail riding from all the top manufacturers like Charles Owen, Troxel, International Riding Helmets, and Devon-Aire . We carry the top rider's safety vests for your safety and comfort. Check out our wide selection of top quality ASTM approved horse riding safety equipment at Horse Tack Co. We carry Charles Owen helmets, Troxel and more. Buy your favorite helmet and save.According to Dru Malavase, who served on the ASTM’s equestrian protective headgear committee since 1984, during the Round Anvil Test, the helmets are dropped onto a flat anvil from a height of about six feet from several angles and directions. “Computer sensors measure the sock from the fall that is transferred to the inside of a helmet in terms of gravity force (g). The threshold at which the most serious head injuries occur is 300g.” The Pointed Anvil Test simulates the impact of the side of a jump or a horse’s hoof. During the Helmet Retention Test, all straps must hold the helmet on the head without stretching beyond a certain amount. Then, all helmets are retested again for concussion and retention after being frozen to minus 20 degrees, heated to over 120 degrees and submerged in water overnight. If the helmet still transfers no more than 300g and the strap is still effective, it earns the ASTM/SEI seal of approval. “With all we put riding helmets through around the barn,” says Malavase, “we have to know that they are still going to protect us.”