Equiderma Skin Lotion for treating Summer Itch, Rain Rot and More.

If you’re looking for a product that predictably and reliably knocks out skin issues overnight without putting your horse through painful scrubbing and debriding of scabs, look no further. Equiderma™ Skin Lotion is a fantastic aid in the treatment of: muck itch, summer itch, sweet itch, rain rot, scratches, and insect bite-related skin conditions. Equiderma skin lotion is a leave-on product. Just apply and walk away!

Use for any skin issue you may be facing; Equiderma Skin Lotion does a great job in the treatment of Rain Rot, Cannon Bone Crud, Mallanders/Sallanders, Scratches, Mane & Tail Rubbing, Ring Worm, Mystery Hair Loss, Mites and many other skin issues that plague your horse.

Size: 16 ounces

  • Brand Name: Equiderma
  • Manufactured by: Telesis Animal Health
  • Product ID: 15186

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Love, love this product. My horse gets the dreaded crud on his legs every year, and this stuff takes it away! Just shampoo your horse's legs, let...