Exselle Lined Bridle Halter Carry Bag Horseman Plaid

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Exselle Lined Bridle Bag-Halter Carry Bag

Keep bridles and halters clean and ready for the shows with this great hanging bridle bag. Even if you keep them in your barn. Carrier has 3 sturdy bridle hooks that can hang over a stall door, rail or trailer. Lined with Nylon to protect your tack. Safety belt insures bridles stay in place. Outside flap pocket is handy for smaller items, such as gloves and spurs. Handy Pouch for owner's ID card. Adjustable Nylon shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Color: Plaid

  • Brand Name: Exselle
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 9841
c@ 1632754888049797

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