Horse Bits and Bit Accessories

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Horse Tack Co offers well over 1200 horse bits in sizes to fit Miniature Horses to Draft Horses. Carriage Driving Bits too. Choose from the top brand names. Like Herm Sprenger, Coronet, Mylar and Chuck bits. Coronet Stainless steel bits that are known for quality. Pinchless bits by the famous trainer Dave Robart. The patented Adjusta Bits and many more. Styles from every corner of the equestrian world. We even provides bits for specific breeds such as Walking horses, Paso Fino and Icelandic horses. Carriage driving bits and draft horse bits. When you are looking for a special horse bit to suit your horse training problem, you will find it at prices that you can afford.

Horse bits are one of the most confusing pieces of horse tack. There are five basic styles of bits. Snaffle bits, Curb bits, Gag bits, Hackamore, and Combination bits. Within these styles of bits are many types of mouthpieces. Each acts differently on the horses mouth, tongue, palate, jaw and crown. Why so many different styles? This is because each horse has it's own personality. Some high spirited horses may need more control. But care must be used not to damage the horses mouth because once the mouth is damaged your choices will be limited. In the case of "Hard goers" The right combination needs be worked out. A severe bit is not usually the answer. Learn to train without pain the results will be rewarding. Horse Tack Company notes how these bits will act on the horse mouth and how their shapes will react to your handling the reins. Shop Horse Tack Company and be confident that you will find the best horse bit for your riding needs.