English Bits At Horse Tack Co.

English Horse bits. Horse Tack Company offers a huge selection of English bits by top manufactures. Deciding which English bit is correct for a horse and rider combination can be difficult.

The needs of horse and rider change over time as riders or horses progress. It may become necessary to upgrade to a different style or type of  bit, or downgrade depending upon the level of your horses training. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider? How are your hands? If you are building basic riding skills or have overactive hands, be careful of horse bits which send too quick of a signal, such as long shanks or straight shanks. Curved shank bits send a slower signal than a straight shank bit. My favorite saying regarding this is, Remember the mouth piece is for the horse and the shanks are for the rider.

Types of Snaffle bits:

1.)  Regular snaffle bits are jointed which gives two jointed but mobile parts that are joined together by a link in the ceter. Snaffle bitd allows the ride to move one side of the bit independently.  This is the most widley used bit and most horses are started with this type of bit.

2.) Double jointed snaffle bits have three pieces in the mouth of the horse. This will change the V shape of the standard snaffle bit into a U shape. Making it a little more anatomical.

3.)  Straight bar snaffle bits or mullen mouth bits should not be used on horses that are sensitive to bar contact. Other horses do not like the pressure on the tongue. Also note, the straight  mouth snaffe bit cannot be used one sidededl because if you move the right side the oppisite side of the bit will lighten the other side.

4.) Correction snaffle bits as the name implies are designed to correct problems. 

5.) Snaffle bits with shanks only act as snaffle bits if there is no curb chain.  Once a curb chjain is added these bits become curb or leverage bits.

6.) Snaffle Gag bits have some sort of shank that will slide through a hole in the mouth piece and will add pressure to the tonge, jaw, and poll


There are a number of types of mouth pieces that are used in snaffle bits. Here are just a few. 

1.) Scissor mouth piece

2.) Double twisted wire

3.) Single twisted wire

4.) Waterford

5.) Tongue correctin

6.) French Link

7.) Dr. Bristol

8.) Elevator gag