A Natural Guide to Fly Prevention for Sensitive Horses

By: Ariane Schirmer

The warm weather is here (hooray!) but with that, comes the dreaded flies. Fly prevention is an unavoidable part of horse ownership and if you’ve ever owned a sensitive-skinned horse then you know just how particularly frustrating this time of year can be. Working with natural products when possible can help to minimize the risk of sensitivities caused by chemical-based products. Horse Tack Co. has an abundant supply of natural products that will help ensure that your sensitive-skinned horse is happy and fly-free during the warmer months.  Plus, use the promo code “LoveTheRide” upon checkout to receive 15% off your order, all-the-time and anytime!

Spray On, Fly Off

There are ample equine insect repellents on the market but it can be difficult to find one that works for your horse and climate. The quest for the perfect fly spray can seem like an endless task with a sensitive-skinned horse. Start by looking at labels for products that contain all natural ingredients. Neem oil, found in Equiderma’s Florida everglades-tested horse fly spray, is a natural and effective pesticide that works in a variety of ways. Neem keeps flies away, kills chewing insects and disrupts the sexual reproduction and life cycle of the bugs. Other effective fly-repellent ingredients include tea tree and cedarwood oils, both of which also possess antibacterial, antifungal and skin-healing properties to reduce inflammation.

Shew Fly Feed Supplements

Adding a feed-through insect repellant gives your horse another layer of defense against the bugs and won’t wear off due to sweat or rainy conditions. Supplements can provide a 24-hour shield for your horse without the hassles of typical spray-on fly products. Garlic is a common ingredient in fly control supplements and when given in the appropriate dosage, can be a safe way to help protect your equine friend from biting insects. When ingested and excreted through sweat glands, it works to repel pests externally. Aside from flies, garlic can also aid in decreasing tick bites.

Natural Stable Defenses

The optimum way to prevent annoying insects is to incorporate it into your stable management practices. This means keeping things clean and being vigilant that muck buckets and standing water are emptied. These are routine practices that will help from the beginning of fly season until the end. Additionally, you can take full advantage of Mother Nature’s benefits by planting fly-repelling plants. Lavender is known for the calming scent, but growing it in gardens around the barn will keep away flies, moths, and fleas. Because bugs hate the sweet scent, bundles of dried lavender can also be hung around the barn and in tack rooms to keep them away.

Sensitive skinned horses need the protection of a quality fly mask but also a more comprehensive plan to ensure they’re comfortable during the warmer months despite the irritations of flies, mosquitos and other biting insects. Topical remedies, supplements and preventative stable management techniques used all together or in a combination will help you to develop the best options in pest control for your sensitive horse. Utilizing the benefits of nature will help you set up your barn for a fly-free season, complete with happy horses.

Shop all of the natural solutions Horse Tack Co. has to offer and don’t forget to use promo code “LoveTheRide” to save 15% off your order, plus get $4.95 flat rate shipping on all orders over $75. Happy + healthy trails!

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