Dressage Movements


An intricate  movement performed by the Lipizzan horses in  the Spanish riding school in Vienna . It is considered the ultimate of all classical training. The horse will leaps into the air, then while in the air will kick  out with both hind feet. The Capriole was used in Medieval  methods of combat. This movement by the horse could clear the surrounded rider of his adversaries.

Free Walk

A pace of relaxation in which the horse is allowed complete freedom to lower and stretch out its head and neck. Both the horse’s strides and its frame are lengthened . On a long rein: maintaining contact. On a loose rein:  with a loop  in the rein, i.e., no contact.


A dressage movement in which the horse does a cadenced trot in place, without moving from a spot.This is the foundation of all high school dressage movements.

Half Halt

A momentary increase of collection, or an  effect, of the aids which increases the attention and improves  the balance of the horse.


A dressage exercise which the horse holds its forelegs more or less in place while it moves its hindquarters around them


A Dressage movement in which the horse pivots around its hindquarters, holding one hind leg more or less in place and  side stepping with the other hind  foot.


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