Consistency is Key, Especially When it Comes to Equine Hydration

Hydration with Horse Quencher from Eventer Tim Bourke

By: Stacy Bromley Cheetham, MPA

We are very excited to be able to catch up with Tim Bourke, a three-day event rider based out of Stone’s Throw Farm in Berryville, VA. Though he grew up riding in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, Tim ended up in the United States working for Bruce Davidson upon graduation. In 2016, Tim completed the Rolex Kentucky CCI4* with Luckaun Quality or “Obie”, finishing in 11th place. Bourke Eventing has been using Horse Quencher for years with excellent results, and it is part of their everyday water and supplement routine.

Eventing Rider Tim Bourke

Tim Bourke Riding Tracy Zack’s Astrana de la Galerna

What is your favorite part about what you do every day? What made you decide on a career with horses?

Horses aren’t just a career they are a lifestyle. You have to understand that and also understand how much work it takes. I grew up with horses and it just comes like second nature to me, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. My favorite part about what I do every day is getting to go to work (if you could call it that) and being able to enjoy and be around what I love all day, every day.

What keeps you motivated, especially during the really hot summers, rainy seasons or particularly cold snaps when you have to push through training?

I am constantly striving for improvement, that is what keeps me motivated all year-round.

What tricks can you share to ensure that your horses are drinking enough water on the road and at home during the summer?

Trying to find Horse Quencher at the bottom of the bucket makes my horses drink like fish. When we travel, we make sure that we have water from home so that it tastes the same. Then we add the Horse Quencher because that’s also what we use at home. We strive to keep everything exactly the same.

How does Horse Quencher complement the rest of your supplement/feeding and training program or rather, how is it incorporated into your program?

As stated earlier, we work to keep everything the same. With that being said, there is a container of Horse Quencher in the feed room of the barn and a container in the tack room of the trailer. I believe that routine is a very important part of healthy horses.

As we roll into fall and start planning for the winter and 2017 competition season, do you have a prospect, or prospects, you are particularly excited about? What about a seasoned campaigner with a new goal?

We have big goals for all of our horses this fall season. We have three young ones who are qualified to do the four-and-five-year-old classes at Fair Hill International. We also have four who are striving for a CCI* at the end of the year. Our plan is to build our string to be competitive at the upper levels. As far as for that special horse, we are looking at the bigger picture for Obie and working on our weak point, dressage, trying to prepare him to qualify and get selected for the World Equestrian Games in two years’ time.

Do you have any superstitions or good luck rituals for shows? Lucky socks, perhaps?

I do not have any huge superstitions really. Luck is what you make of it.

What three things would you never leave home without packing on the trailer?

I would never leave without Horse Quencher, horses and tack.

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