Fly Bye Fly Sheet with Insect Repellent By Exselle®

Exselle  Fly Bye ™ Fly Sheet is infused with EPA approved insect repellent.

Exselle Fly By Fly sheet

Exsell Fly Bye Sheet for bug free horse turnout.

The repellent is invisible and odorless and will repel fleas, flies, ticks and mosquitoes. This great new fly sheet is made from knitted polyester with small holes for breathability. Features  reflective UV protection, is non allergenic and non toxic to humans and animals. This wonderful bug protection will last for approximately 2 years under normal conditions or 25 washings.

The Fly Bye sheet comes with a removable neck protector, an extra large tail guard and has lined shoulder and mane guards. Adjustable front closure and double gussets with belly surcingles make this fly sheet easy to fit and comfortable for the horse to wear.  Finally a fly sheet that works and is reasonable to afford.

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