Have you heard about Horse Quencher ?

Horse Quencher is a non-electrolyte, all-natural water additive designed to promote water consumption for horses.

Horse Quencher was created by three riders who worried about their horses getting enough water to drink. Horse quencher is an all natural hydration product designed specifically to encourage horses to drink. Since its creation it has become the Official Hydration product of the American Endurance Ride Conference, and has gone to the 2008 and 2012 Olympics with the USA and Canadian Eventing Teams.

Horse Quencher is not an electrolyte or horsey equivalent of soda pop. Horse Quencher is an FEI-suitable precise and proven blend of all natural grains and flavorings that will cause your customers horses to drink. It causes most horses to dive right into their water buckets, making it a handy health insurance policy to have in every barn. horse trailer and saddle bag. Horse Quencher is also safe for pregnant mares, and can be used as a companion product with electrolytes without creating any product imbalance. In fact, it can significantly increase the acceptance level of electrolytes.

Have you ever heard the expression. “you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink”? Now with Horse Quencher it is not only possible to make them drink they will relish it.

Horse quencher aids in the prevention of colicĀ and dehydration, andĀ helps horses to preform at their best. Another thing to remember is that winter is the season for impaction colic. Horse Quencher gets horses to drink even very cold water thus helping to prevent colic.


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