How to Control Grazing (Feat. the Best Friend® GrazeMore Muzzle)

By Ariana Curcio

The grass is lush and thick, growing season is upon us! This is a wonderful time for your horse, lots of yummy eats, but it can be a very dangerous time for your horse as well. Using a muzzle is imperative for controlling grazing, but can restrict and stress your horse. An innovative product, like the Best Friend® Grazemore Muzzle can make all the difference. Check out Horse Tack Co. for all of your grazing needs. Use the promo code “LoveTheRide” to take 15% off your order, all the time and any time.

Unrestricted grazing can lead to serious illnesses like obesity, laminitis and foundering. You can manage this is by allowing your horse to be turned out with a grazing muzzle that reduces the amount of grass intake, while allowing them to be the grazing animals as nature intended them to be with the benefit of exercise.

Best Friend® Grazemore Grazing Horse Muzzle

The Best Friend® Grazemore muzzle is unique in that it features larger breathing holes, and a larger grazing hole at the bottom of the muzzle. The muzzle is designed for slightly overweight horses or to reduce feed intake during the morning when the grass has more moisture and is high in protein. (Please note that this muzzle is not recommended for horses that are insulin resistant.)

The an all-in-one design does not require a halter and uses a breakaway plastic buckle in the headstall for safety and the light grey color will help reduce some of the heat on sunny days. It comes in four sizes- Mini, Pony, Cob, Horse and Large Horse.

Take care of your best friend this spring with a muzzle that won’t stress you or your best friend out! Do not forget to head to Horse Tack Co. and use the promo code “LoveTheRide” to take 15% off your order, all the time and any time.

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