How to Clean ~MOLD~ From Your Tack in 7 Easy Steps

How to Clean Moldy Horse Tack

A few easy steps to get rid of mold and condition leather tack


Leather cleaner for horse tack

Leather conditioner for horse tack

A sponge

◦A few rags (I recommend tearing up an old t-shirt or towel)


◦A screwdriver (If you need to unscrew any parts of your tack/bridle)


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(Make sure you check the instructions on the back of your leather cleaner and conditioner, just in case it varies from the method below.)

1.First, take apart your tack. You will want to unscrew your bridle.

2.Wipe down the leather with a rag.

3.Take your sponge and apply leather cleaner to the tack. Use a little at a time, because you do not want to over-saturate the leather. Continue to rub on the solution until the leather is thoroughly clean. Make sure you tackle all of the nooks and crannies between clasps and underneath flaps!

4.Take a fresh, clean rag and wipe down the tack to take off any excess cleaner.

5.Take another fresh, clean rag and apply conditioner. Again, you do not want to over-saturate the leather.

6.Finally, grab another clean rag and buff the tack until the conditioner soaks in. The tack should be shiny, and feel dry and smooth.

7.If you want to re-use your sponge and rags, I recommend hand-washing them with regular dish soap in a sink. I personally don’t like placing rags covered in leather cleaner and conditioner in the washing machine.

P.S. – If you want to clean your horse bits, just use an old toothbrush and apply toothpaste to the bit. Brush in small circles. Rinse with water.

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