“I Gotta Have That!” TV Show’s Fall production will include the Best Friend Have-A-Heart Grazing Muzzle

The Best Friend Grazing Muzzles are top rated for being the most durable, comfortable and the best fitting.  They’re also the most effective.  Each Best Friend Grazing Muzzle features an opening that is what we feel to be the optimal size.  This ideal size restricts grazing by up to 75% without restricting drinking or the ability to breathe.

It’s also important to understand, that while you may be hesitant to use a muzzle, when properly introduced, your horse will quickly learn to use and happily accept a grazing muzzle.

Available in seven sizes and three styles, you can trust that The Best Friend Grazing Muzzles offer the most comfortable fit for your horse. A Grazing Muzzle is a must have for any horse owner’s equipment list. With The Best Friend Grazing Muzzles your horse is free to safely get back to exercising and socializing with his herd.

I Gotta Have That!” will air:  (to be announced)

For more information about The Best Friend Grazing Muzzles, visit www.bestfriendequine.com

 About I Gotta Have That!:

I Gotta Have That! TV show is produced by WestMedia Productions and airs on We TV & ION Television. The program is a fast paced, 30 minute television show presented in an exciting news magazine format and focused on bringing innovative ideas, helpful hints and stylish products to its many viewers. I Gotta Have That! is there with you, giving you uncommon insight & instant access to a wide variety of interesting products and services.

About The Best Friend Grazing Muzzle:

The Best Friend muzzle is recommended by equine health professionals and publications such as John Lyon’s Perfect Horse and the Horse Journal.  Hundreds of customers over the years have reported that the muzzle has tremendously improved the quality of their horses’ lives while making it easier for them to manage their horses.

Since 2001 the company has been working in partnership with their manufacturer, Intrepid International (New Holland PA), on the development and improvement of these and other products.  Today Carol Dalton continues teaching and running her horse farm just outside of Lexington, Kentucky.  Carol Vandre and her husband, Douglas, run the company from Fairfield Glade, TN.

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