Sharing an Experience- My Horrible Day With Colic

By Marselle Mitchell

As a Horse Quencher Ambassador I feel compelled to share my personal experience so that maybe I can help someone else avoid the nightmare I went though. Three years ago I almost lost my mare to colic. Ask any horse person and most, if not all, will tell you that their biggest fear is colic. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it, almost like thief in the night.

To say it snuck up on me would be an understatement.

The day started out just like any other day in May. The weather wasn’t bad, hot, but not too hot. We didn’t have any crazy pressure changes or weird summer storms. There was nothing to indicate the impending colic. I brought my mare in from the field, tacked her up and started my lesson just like I had done a 100 other times. She didn’t stand funny while I was grooming her, she didn’t purse her lips or kick at her stomach. She was just there standing perfectly still like the saint of a horse she is. Fast forward to the end of my lesson, we’re back in the cross ties and now I’m starting to notice something just isn’t right. She’s breathing really heavily and has a very worried look on her face. She keeps turning around to look at me, almost as if to say, “Hey mom, something’s wrong and I seriously need your help.” I call my trainer over and sure enough he thinks she’s colicking.

There’s nothing quite like the immediate panic that comes over you when your horse is sick, especially when it’s something that can go from a small problem to a very scary one in a matter of hours. So we call the vet and begin the “colic march.” We walk and walk and walk and walk, for hours. When the vet finally arrives he informs me that her heart rate is well beyond normal and her temperature is through the roof. He pumps fluids in her and gives her something to decrease her heart rate and temperature. Then we’re back to walking. By now I have been walking with my mare for about six hours. A few hours later she starts to get worse again, so we call the vet again. More fluids and more medication. At this point it’s bad. Her eyes have dulled and the vet doesn’t know if she will make it through the night. He tells me that they don’t see cases like this very often and that I should prepare for the worst. I’m a complete mess at this point. My mare is my everything and to lose her to something like colic is almost unimaginable.

Author & Horse Quencher Ambassador, Marselle Mitchell

I walked with my horse for a grand total of 10 hours that day. I got to the barn for a lesson at 2 pm and didn’t leave until well past midnight. I don’t know how or why, but by some miracle she made it though the night and a few days later it was like nothing had ever happened.

After that day I pretty much vowed to never have to go through that again if I could avoid it. So, why had she colicked so badly? The pressure didn’t change, she wasn’t on fresh grass, I hadn’t switched her feed and it wasn’t an incredible hot day. The only thing I could think of was dehydration. She had been out in the field all day and while there is plenty of fresh water available, my mare is high maintenance and extremely picky. I knew from taking her to shows that it was a struggle to get her to drink enough water. Conveniently enough for me, she also refuses to drink any kind of bran mash for who knows what reason.

If I had known about Horse Quencher three years ago my 10 hours of walking and panic could have been avoided. I am now all about hydration. The only thing my picky, stubborn mare will even consider drinking is the Butterscotch Horse Quencher. This means I don’t go anywhere with out it, I stash the single serve packets everywhere. It has saved my behind probably a 100 times since I first started using it and I’ve never been that close to colic since then (knock on wood.) Now my mare gets Horse Quencher everyday after I ride and twice a day when we are at horse shows. I LOVE it, but more importantly she loves it.

Marselle Mitchell for Horse tack Co.

Horse Quencher

I learned a lot that day and now I do everything in my power to prevent colic and stay on top of my horse’s hydration. Horse Quencher helps me fight the dehydration battle day in and day out and for that I am extremely grateful. Horse Tack proud to carry Horse Quencher. To order or to ask questions, contact Horse Tack Co. and love your ride! Don’t forget to use the promo code “LoveTheRide” upon checkout to receive 15% off your order, all-the-time and anytime!




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