Measuring a horse’s height and weight

In certain cases, such as in registering your horse or for some horse show classes, you will need to know the height of your horse. You should also know the weight for routine deworming or other medication dosage and rations.

Horses are measured in hands. One hand is 4 inches.  So you will hear it stated as follows: 14.2 hands (fourteen two). This would mean that the horse measures 14 X 4 inches plus 2 inches.  This would equal 58 inches.  14.3 hands would equal 59 inches and 15 hands would equal 60 inches.  Although, I have heard beginners say fourteen five, this is incorrect because 14 X 4 is 56 inches plus 5 inches would be 61 inches. This should be stated as 15.1 or fifteen, one hands. 

Measuring the horses height.

We measure horses by standing the horse with all four feet squarely on a flat surface. You can either use a measuring tape or measuring stick.  Measure from the ground up to the highest point of the withers.

Calculating the horses weight.

Weight tapes are available that do the math for you.  You will place the tape around the horses heart-girth area. The tape should be pulled snug. You will then be able to see the horses weight shown clearly on the tape.  The following numbers will give you an idea of the calculations.

32 inches equals 100 pounds.

 64 inches equals 790 pounds.

70 inches equals 1000 pounds.

76 inches equals 1210 pounds.

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