What Are the Top 4 Winter Riding Gloves? Find out

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By Paige Cerulli & Ariana Curcio

Winter is upon us and for those of us that live in colder climates winter is anything but short & sweet, especially when you are an equestrian yearning to be at the barn with your horse.  A good pair of winter riding gloves can make all the difference when it comes to cold weather tolerance. If your trusty pair of winter gloves has had enough, or if you are ready to invest in a great pair to get you through the season, then check out these four winter riding gloves from Horse Tack Co. Be sure to save 15% off your warm glove order by using the promo code “LoveTheRide” upon checkout, all-the-time and anytime.

Heritage Extreme Winter Glove

Horse Tack co.

Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves

The Heritage Extreme Winter Glove is intended for use in the coldest winter conditions. This glove is designed to keep your hands and fingers warm, and features 3M Thinsulate® insulation for superior warmth. Its Polar Fleece lining makes for a soft, comfortable surface. If the insulation and fleece aren’t warm enough for you, then insert a hand warmer into the glove’s zippered hand warmer pocket for even more warmth. Waterproof and touch screen friendly, this is a great glove to keep you feeling great in bitter temperatures.

Atlas Insulated Winter Protection Glove

Atlas Insulated Winter Protection Glove

This one’s for the boys, the Atlas Insulated Winter Protection Gloves are waterproof and have a breathable shell. The knit wrist helps keep the cold out and the reinforced leather palm is flexible yet durable.

Roeckl Chester Winter Glove

Horse Tack Co.

Roeckl Chester Winter Glove

Roeckl is widely regarded as a manufacturer of top-quality performance gloves, and the Roeckl Chester Winter Glove is no exception. This glove offers plenty of warmth while maintaining a slim fit – you won’t have to deal with the bulk of classic winter riding gloves. This glove features a durable lining of Roeckl-Tex, an exclusive fleece fiber which helps to keep your hands warm during your ride. The outer Vesta Synthetic leather gives you a great feel and grip on the reins, allowing for effective communication with your horse despite the fact that you’re wearing winter gloves. These gloves are a great choice when you’re looking for a snug fit which doesn’t interfere with your feel of the reins.

SSG Winter Training Gloves

Horse Tack co.

SSG Winter Training Gloves

The SSG Winter Training Gloves are a versatile choice suitable for riding, handling, and training horses. Crafted from soft cowhide leather, this glove protects your hands from the wind while remaining easily flexible so that you can move your hands freely. The interior features a 3M Thinsulate® lining, and the palm is lightly lined so that you can maintain a quality feel of the reins. This glove’s knitted cuff helps to keep out drafts, and the glove is warm to an impressive -32 degrees.

Choosing the right glove for the job can make your winter rides much more enjoyable. Horse Tack Co. has all of your cold weather essentials, don’t forget to use the promo code “LoveTheRide” upon checkout to receive 15% off your order, all-the-time and anytime.

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