Your Fly Sheets and Veils Can Do What?

By Jaclyn Hunter

Is there anything more appealing than a horse in a fly veil? They are essentially the equivalent of a hair bow on an adorable little girl. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, did you know that fly sheets and veils do so much more than just keep those pesky flies off? We have put together 5 things that we bet you did not know your fly sheets and veils could do for you. Horse Tack Co.has a great selection of fly sheets and veils that can help keep your horse as safe and healthy possible. Make sure to use the promo code “LoveTheRide” upon checkout to receive 15% off your fly veils, sheets and more, all-the-time and anytime.

1). Help Keep the Flies Off– Ok, so this one was the no brainer. Mesh fly sheets help to keep the horse’s body protected from flies while also helping to stop incessant tail swishing or leg stomping, often a sign of stress. Likewise, fly veils keep the buggers out of your horses’ ears, while glamming up their look of course. Fly veils also second as a way to dull background noises especially if you turnout, stable or ride in a particularly loud or heavily trafficked area. Horses that suffer from skin ailments or allergies, or are particularly sensitive to bug bites would especially benefit from covering up with a sheet, many of which now come with accessories to include neck, leg and head pieces, as well as belly guards. Consider the WeatherBeeta Airflow Standard Neck Sheet, which has a removable, or adjustable belly guard, full tail wrap and Dee rings for optional leg and neck covers.

WeatherBeeta Airflow Standard Neck Sheet

2). Help Keep the Flies Off– the Suped-Up Version- If you live in a particularly woody or wet area infested with biting and flying insects, you may want to invest in a fly ensemble that offers more full coverage. The Exselle Fly Bye sheet is made of non-allergenic material and infused with odorless EPA approved non-toxic (to humans and animals) insect repellent, thus reducing the need to supplement with sprays. The sheet will repel insects including fleas, flies, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 2 years or 25 cool water washings. It also includes a removable neck protector. Let your horse take this one out for a spin around the paddock!

Fly Sheet and Removable Hood, with Repellent by Exselle

3). UV Protection– In case you weren’t aware, humans aren’t the only ones that need to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays. Horses can suffer from sunburns, as well as coat bleaching. Many fly sheets today offer varying degrees of UV protection depending on the amount of time your horse may spend getting vitamin D therapy. Some might argue that putting on a fly sheet is going to make the horse more hot on a summer day, however this is a common myth. Get it from the horse’s mouth, light colored fabrics reflect the sun’s rays AWAY from the body and help to keep them cooler. If the horse is cool, he is less likely to sweat and voila, less likely to be attacked by flies or other insects. Try the WeatherBeeta Airflow Fly Sheet Detach-A-Neck Combo Sheet with Freestyle Tail Flap, which offers up to 60% UV block.

WeatherBeeta Airflow Detach-A-Neck Combo Sheet

4). Protect Against Disease– Insects in general spread disease. Many animals and even humans have some natural defenses to help fight against these infections, however sometimes it is just not enough and sickness ensues. In North America, especially in warm, wet areas where biting flies and mosquitos are prevalent, horse owners need to be wary of Equine infectious anemia (EIA) or Eastern/Western equine encephalitis (E/W EE). Consider eye infections also. Have you ever had pink eye? Pink eye in horses is transmitted via a blood-borne virus, horses can spread diseases very easily to each other when insects are present. Open wounds are especially a target as insects can leave eggs behind: either their own or even parasitic. It’s one thing to keep flies from the ears with a stylish fly veil, but when you need more head coverage, consider a complete facial, and I don’t mean a day at the spa. Go for either the 70% UV rated Cashel Breast Cancer Research Crusader Fly Mask with Ears where 5% of the proceeds go to funding breast cancer research or the Kensington Fly Mask with Ears and Remove Nose for complete facial protection and wider eye viewing area. These masks may take some time getting used to for your horse and it is not always advisable to don the masks at night when visibility overall decreases.

Cashel Breast Cancer Research Crusader Fly Mask with Ears

5). Rain Gear is Top Gear– One minute it’s sunny, the next minute sun showers or full-on rain. If your weather is unpredictable, then grab yourself a combination fly sheet which takes all the benefits of a fly sheet, but adds the extra security and protection of a turnout blanket by offering a waterproof section to survive the elements. This will also help to prevent rain rot.

WeatherBeeta Turnout Fly Sheet Combo

And if all else fails, you can use your fly sheet as your secret one item take along when you star on “Naked and Afraid.” The mesh will help you catch some fish in a river, while you live bug free and waterproofed in the jungle. #yourwelcome. Just don’t leave your horse…naked or afraid.  Horse Tack proud to carry an array of fly sheets and veils. To order or to ask questions, contact Horse Tack Co. and love your ride! Don’t forget to use the promo code “LoveTheRide” upon checkout to receive 15% off your order, all-the-time and anytime!








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