Horse Quencher Single Serve Packs For Rehydration

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Horse Quencher®, Water Hydration for Horses

Single Serve Size for trail or trailer.

Keeping your horse hydrated is the best defense for beating illnesses, and the easiest way to make sure your horse can compete to their highest level, or enjoy a long ride safely, Now you can get your horse to drink when and where you want to, by adding Horse Quencher to the water. Not an electrolyte. It's a precise and proven blend of 100% healthy and natural grains and flavorings. Pick the flavor this just right for your horse.

Flavors: Apple, Butterscotch, Peppermint and Root Beer.
Size: single serve (2.3 oz)

  • Brand Name: Horse Quencher
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 13160

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As seen in the Horse Quencher in-box from good friend Hawley Bennett-Awad: "Never before have my horses consistently drank water and have...

Nancy Issenman

Never before have my horses consistently drank water and have performed so well on a consistent basis, which I know is a direct reflection of using...

Hawley Bennett-Awad

This is the product you didn't know you needed, but you do! It's a little magical to watch a horse down a bucket of water in one sitting. We don't...