Horseware Ireland Blankets

Horseware started with a small team, in Dundalk, Ireland in 1985. After months of research and hand-stitching the prototype of the now iconic Rambo Original was born, setting the standard for modern blanket design. Since then they have grown to become the world's most trusted producer of horse blankets.

Founded by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, their determination to produce a blanket that didn't leak, didn't make the horse sweat, and didn't slip led to the creation of the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout that really worked.

Today, the Rambo range is still made in the same town in Ireland under Tom's watchful eye and with the same attention to detail and high quality material that they have prided themselves on since 1985. Horseware Ireland is constantly striving to produce the best, and have grown into a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders. They never stop evolving always seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries, and finding new challenges.