Breyer Traditional Horses

Breyer Horses Traditional Scale Model Horses. 2017 and older Breyer For Sale.

Breyer Traditional size horses are 1/9 th the size of a real horse, approximately 12 inches long and 9 inches high. Each year, Reeves International introduces a number of new Breyer models that are representative of real live horses that are well known and loved within the horse world. Young and old alike enjoy collecting these life like model horses from Breyer. Many models appreciate in value over the years. Most collectors will choose their favorite series. This may be a type of horse such as draft horse models or a specific breed such as the Quarter Horse or Arab model horses.

Whatever you may choose, Horse Tack Co. always carries a complete line of current Breyer Horses as well as many retired models. Check out our huge selection of new and retired Breyer horses.

Breyer Xavier Mystical Unicorn

Breyer Xavier Mystical Unicorn

Breyer Traditional Unicorn The legend of the mystical unicorn is one that has been with us since antiquity. Tales of the majestic horse with a...
Breyer BH1771