Bareback Pads by Best Friend

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Bareback pads for the trail or for improving balance in a training session. Bareback pads allows the rider to get close to the horse and provides time to bond. We bring you some of the best bareback pads the industry has to offer.

Best Friend bareback pads have been judged the tops by the Horse Journal. Comfort Plus bareback pads offer great styling and comfort to the rider. Ronmar bareback pads brings light hearted fun with some great printed fabrics. Riders will learn to "feel" the movements of their horse which will improve their balance and ability to feel how the horse reacts to the riders signals. Beyond that both rider and horse can just relax, have fun and enjoy their time together. Stop in and check out the benefits these great bareback riding pads .

Zebra Print Bareback Pad Non Slip Bottom, English

Zebra Print Bareback Pad Non Slip Bottom, English

Bareback Pads. Zebra Print Non-Slip Bareback Pad. The Zebra Print Bareback pad is soft and squishy, and is the perfect answer for riding without...
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