Saddle Pads English and Western

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From Cotton quilted saddle pads to sheepskin Half pads, Gel pads or ThinLine saddle pads. Horse Tack Co. is sure to have what you need in our great lineup of Western and English saddle pads.

A saddle pad is usually layers of felt, foam or other modern material sandwiched between a cotton outer cover on top and a soft cover on the bottom side that is in contact with the horse. The best designs absorb shock and minimize fatigue for the horse. Saddle pads of various styles or shapes are used with different types of saddles. Sheepskin pads that are shaped to fit around a show or dressage saddle have become popular recently. Test have proven that 100% cotton absorbs more sweat than even sheep's wool.

Note that if a saddle is too wide you may be able to use pads or shims to gain a better fit. However, if the saddle is too narrow no saddle pad will correct the problem.