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The Pony Club Kick-Back Program  

Pony Club Kick-Back Program
The Gory Details Page

We will Kick-Back 5% to Your Club For Everything You Buy.
It Could Mean Big Bucks!!!

Question: Why is there a Pony Club Kick-Back Program*?

Answer: We spent a long time thinking about how we could help the clubs and, in turn, the members. This program is designed to help the clubs generate revenue while not creating the extra work like a fundraiser does. Everyone shops for tack, now your club can get paid for your shopping! Read on.....

Question: How does the program work? 

Answer: It is quite simple. The members of the Pony Club shop with www.horsetackco.com.  For every dollar you spend, we credit 5% of the sale back to an account set up for your club. It's that simple. All you have to do is shop, and you do that anyway!

Question: What can the club do with the money?

Answer: Each credit is worth $1.00 in spending power with The Horse Tack Company. The DC can buy much needed things for the club: tack trunk stuff, gifts for awards parties, or anything else the DC desires. There are no restrictions on what can be purchased.

Question: Why is this a good idea for the club and the members?

Answer: Because it helps the clubs with one of the hardest problems they have--fundraising.  Everyone hates it, adults and kids alike. Here is a way to raise funds doing your normal shopping at The Horse Tack Company with our GREAT prices and wonderful products.

Question: How do we get started?

Answer: That is easy too. In order to get proper credit, each member and each Pony Club DC must sign up for the program. Here are the steps:

  1. Members, forward this page to all your fellow club members.
  2. DC's, please forward this page to all of your members to maximize your potential.
  3. DC's must sign up the club prior to members signing up.
  4. Sign up here:

    DC's: Click here to enroll your club 

    Club Members: Click here to sign up 

* Please note that this program is not sponsored or endorsed by USPC.
We are just doing it to support clubs around the USA and Canada too!