Product of the Year Award. Conditions from the inside out to make leather stronger and last longer. Eradicates mold and mildew problems. Shortens new leather break in period. Leather remains supple and beautiful with increased strength. Non-greasy or sticky. Will not harm stitching or metal. Environmentally sound. Restore that old, dried-out museum piece - easily.
16 oz Bottle

  • Brand Name: Absorbine
  • Manufactured by: W.F. Young
  • Product ID: 613
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This really DOES work, after 30 days , still no mold. My "test" bridle is the only one NOT trying to crawl away!. Back to the barn to clean...

wendy staub

I was hesitant to spend $10 on an 8 oz. bottle of leather conditioner; neatsfoot oil works fine, right? Well, one day I impulsively ordered this...

Alexandra Naeve