Modified Oxbow Engraved western Stirrups

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Oxbow Western Stirrups

Modified Oxbow Engraved Stirrups are constructed of durable aluminum with a wide leather covered foot and hand engraved sides.

3 neck, 2 1/4 leather covered tread, 5 height, and 5 1/4 inside width.

Modified Oxbow Stirrups are constructed of light weight durable aluminum with a wide leather covered foot. When deciding on the correct Western Stirrup use the one finger rule. (one finger on each side of the foot) Depending on use some riders choose a little less or a good bit more. Cutting and barrel riders may want stirrups that are snugger. Ropers may want a little more room. Endurance riders may opt for extra-wide stirrups, such as Shenandoah stirrups, which are specially designed for maximum weight distribution.

  • Brand Name: Coronet
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 6520

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