Myler Bits

The Myler Bitting System at Horsetackco.

When a horse is resisting the bit, he is really evading tongue pressure because the bit is interfering with his ability to swallow. Bits can only do two things: cause resistance or relaxation.  To effectively communicate with the horse, the rider needs a bit which allows the horse to be relaxed.

The Myler Bitting System is based on the concept of varying degrees of tongue relief.

The most common traditional bit, the jointed mouthpiece, applies constant pressure by collapsing on the tongue and inhibiting the horse's ability to swallow. The unique designs of Myler Bits offer varying degrees of tongue relief depending on disposition and level of training.

The Myler Level of any horse is based on his disposition and experience. It's a graduated system, meaning that as your horse learns, more tongue relief is earned. As you go up in Myler Levels the correlating mouthpiece designs offer more tongue relief and apply less tongue presser. When the horse resists the bit, go softer, not harsher.