Natures Pharm CBD-Hemp Pellets 1 lb Jar

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These Hemp Pellets are pressed from Hemp Meal, which contains 0.0% THC and a guaranteed minimum Cannabinoid content of 0.3% in dry matter. The Hemp Pellets have been assayed to contain 20% plant protein, 30% insoluble fiber and 50% complex Carbohydrates. The Hemp Meal used to make the pellets has been sterilized, sieved and blended for safety, efficacy and consistency. A food-grade FDA mold inhibitor has been added to the pellets for additional shelf life. These pellets can be easily administered to a variety of species, including Equine and other large and small ruminants, such as donkeys, camels, mules, goats, sheep, swine, pet caged birds, rabbits, avian and pocket pets, etc.

Benefits: Reduce Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Nervousness, Management of Seizure - Epilepsy, Appetite Boost Relief of Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Inflammation and Swelling Combats Cancer, stops itch Ulcerative - Colitis Management Improve Energy, Mood - Mental Issues, digestive and overall Health Improve Race - Competition - Event Performance Daily General Health Quality of Life Improvement

  • Brand Name: Natures Pharm
  • Manufactured by: Natures Pharm
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