Coronet Fillis Stirrup Irons, Premium Quality

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Fillis Stirrup Irons, Premium Coronet Stirrup Irons

Our premium quality stirrup irons are always top quality 18/8 hand polished stainless steel stirrup irons with rubber pads. Ideal for showing and all types of riding. Fillis irons were made heavy to make sure the stay in place if you lose an iron. Some irons today have been lightened up to which defeats the purpose. Sold as a pair.

The saddle was invented at least as early as 800 BCE, However, the first stirrup probably came about roughly 1,000 years later, around 200-300 CE. Stirrups is one of the greatest inventions in history because it changed the course of warfare. Horse soldiers could now effectively carry a lance, sword or bow and arrows. They could now charge the enemy and fight from horseback. They could also retreat quickly if they were losing the battle. Not given the credit it should the stirrup irons were employed in battles that changed the course of history.

  • Shipping Weight: 2.61lbs
  • Brand Name: Coronet
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 32

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