Premium Western Ventilated Felt Shock Saddle Pad

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Premium Western Ventilated Felt Shock Pad

This Premium pad uses high-grade, needled wool felt to improve your horse's performance by reducing uncomfortable pressure points that can cause numbness. This pad reduces heat buildup by wicking away moisture from the horse and then allowing air to pass through the pad keeping the moisture evaporated before it reaches your saddle. A cool horse is a better performer so this pad also has ventilation holes down the center to keep your horse's spine cool and ventilated. The vent holes along the spine in this pad are especially placed to reduce pressure on the spine and promoting proper blood flow. Pad can be used alone but it is especially styled with rounded corners so it can become nearly invisible when used under a lightweight blanket. Two layers of soft, durable felt, bonded to 1/2" of shock absorbing rubberized foam provide extraordinary comfort and protection for the horse.

Size: 32" wide x 32" long x 3/4" thick
Color: Grey

can not be embroidered

  • Brand Name: Shenandoah Western Horse Tack
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 7986

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