Robart Pinchless High Port Western Bit

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Robart High Port Bit with Copper Barrels
Robart Patent #6449930

High Port Correction is a moderate to severe bit in effect on the horses' mouth. This is not a training bit, it is intended for experienced horses and riders. The high port and S shank convey the message to horses mouth quicker, thus less pressure is needed and there is a quicker response to collection and stopping cues. Bit does offer tongue relief. Mouth piece collapses to put more pressure on the bars. Copper barrels increase salivation, keeping mouth wet and allowing bit to slip rather than drag over tender inner mouth skin.Helps horses elevate shoulders and give at the poll. Engraved silver inlay.
Size: 5"

  • Brand Name: Robart Pinchless bits
  • Manufactured by: Intrepid International
  • Product ID: 13420

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