Saddle Pads English and Western

English Saddle Pads, Dressage Saddle Pads, Hunter Saddle Pads at Horse Tack Co.

All the best brand name saddle pads you want. We even embroider your saddle pad with your initials or your custom logo. See our newest addition Maxtra saddle pads that are shim ready to create the best fitting saddle pads available. PRI saddle pads come in every color in the rainbow in so many styles. Roma pads with unique quilting. Fleece Works with real sheep skin. Shop for great deals on our broad selection of saddle pads at Horse Tack Company.
The goal of Horse Tack Co. has from the beginning been to research the best of all horse tack for the enjoyment and comfort of both horse and rider. However, saddle pads are a special piece of tack because saddle pads protact your horses back. Without making your horses back comfortable you will create sore areas or pinches that will reduce the ability of your horse to preform at peak preformance.  a cheap thin saddle pad may be used to keep your quality pad clean but does little or nothing to provide protection. Some shimming may be needed to balance your saddle and keep it centered. Depend on the fact that our saddle pads will do the required job you look for.