San Domingo The Medicine Hat Stallion Kids Book

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San Domingo The Medicine Hat Stallion
Marguerite Henry

Peter Lundy has two joys in life: The rugged western plains where he has brown up and San Domingo a Medicine Hat Stallion. The Indians believe this type of horse is sacred, and that neither bullet nor arrow can harm its rider. All Peter knows is that he and San Domingo share a bond.-one that can never be broken. But Peter's father, Jethro Lundy, knows only one love: bargaining. He trades San Domingo for a thoroughbred. How can Peter ever forgive his father: His only choice is to leave home forever!
Ages: 8-12
Paperback book size: 5 1/4" W X 6 1/8"H
230 pages

  • Brand Name: Aladdin Paperback
  • Manufactured by: Simon & Schuster
  • Product ID: 13750
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