Western Horse Bits

Western bits. Snaffle Bits to advanced horse training Bits. See our new line of JR. Cow Horse Bits

Short or long shank bits, Ring bits and Western Dee Bits. Many styles of Coronet Stainless Steel Bits, Robart pinchless Bits,  Mylar, Chuck Letchworh and more

A very complete selection of Western horse riding bits on the Internet! Horse Tack Co offers well over 1200 horse bits in sizes to fit Miniature Horses to Draft Horses. Coronet stainless steel known for quality. Pinchless bits by the famous trainer Dave Robart. You will find the horse bit in the size you are looking for. Buy Western horse bits from Horse Tack co.



    1.)  Tom Thumb Style Western bits

    2.)  S Shank Bits

    3.)  7 Shank Bits

    4.)  Correction Bits

    5.)  Western pelham bit

    6.)  JR. Cow horse bit 

    7.)  Grazing bit


These are just a few of the Western bits available today. All shanked bits that employ a curb strap or chain are leverage bits or curb bits. Even if a snaffle type jointed mouth is used along with a curb strap it becomes a curb bits.