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The WHIP CLIP, Carry Your whip Conveniently

Masterfully crafted. It is small, light weight and discreet. Clips to the top of a riders boot or half chap and will accommodate most whips that are on the market today. No more dropped whips and no looking for a convenient place to rest one. Eliminates the need to carry your whip in your hand or leave it behind. Convenient and easy to use. Versatile for various disciplines. Detachable and easy to slide on/off boot or half chap. Great for riders of all ages. Great for trail riding. Stays secure at a walk, trot and canter.

Colors: Black, Brown, Red, Pink and Purple

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  • Brand Name: Whip Clip
  • Manufactured by: Dos Equine
  • Product ID: 11009
^ DEPR07899094001075

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Don't bother buying this item. First of all, it is way over priced for a cheap piece of plastic. Doesn't stay clipped on your boot or half chaps. You...

Lynette Holbrook