Wrangler Ladies Q-Baby Cowgirl Cut Jeans

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 Wrangler Riding Jeans for Ladies

Comfort meets beauty with Wrangler Cowgirl Cut Ultimate Riding Jeans in Q-baby Fit. Stretch denim, flat seams for added comfort and a no gap waistband, you'll never ride in another pair of jeans. With the Mid Rise slimming stylish cut, you're sure to make even the toughest cowboys feel a bit weak in the knees. The color is a Dark Denim or (Dark Dynasty), made of 86% cotton, 13% polyester, 1% spandex 11.5 Denim.

  • Brand Name: Wrangler
  • Manufactured by: Wrangler Jeans Company
  • Product ID: 12974
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These are figure flattering, very durable jeans, while still being stylish. They have some stretch in the fabric which makes them really comfy to...

Phyllis Hurdleston