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Offering a spectrum of control so complete, it even controls tapeworms.

Recently tapeworms have emerged as an ever-growing threat to the health of horses. Until ZIMECTERIN GOLD, nothing was approved to effectively control them. But, today there's ZIMECTERIN GOLD. Combining ivermectin with praziquantel for the most comprehensive protection approved*. Effectively treating 61 species and stages of equine parasites, including tapeworms.

ZIMECTERIN GOLD treats and controls:
32 species and stages of Small Strongyles
9 species and stages of Large Strongyles
6 species and stages of Bots
3 species and stages of Ascarids
2 species and stages of Pinworms
2 species and stages of Summer Sores
2 species and stages of Lungworms
1 species of Hairworm
1 species of Large-Mouth Stomach Worm
1 species of Neck Threadworm
1 species of Intestinal Threadworm
1 species of Tapeworm
= 61 species and stages of equine Parasites

(Merial) is the first equine dewormer licensed in the U.S. for the control of equine tapeworms. One tube will treat up to 1,250lbs. body weight. An All-in-One Dewormer and Boticide.

  • Brand Name: Zimecterin
  • Manufactured by: Merial
  • Product ID: 1738

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